Our History

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Julio César Borja Guerrero, founder of the firm Julio C. Guerrero began a specialized activity of law: Intellectual Property.  In November 1919 he began his life as "Patent Agent" taking into account the Privileges Act (patents) of 1880 and Trademarks Act of 1908.  He applied in the Public Works, Agriculture and Development Ministry the first Ecuadorian Patent called “TIMBRE CONTROL PROPAGANDA” for Pedro Aspiazu Carbo, as well as the register of the first trademark to Mr. José Aleman Peña, called "Mentolato".  In 1936, with several colleagues, he founded the "Ecuadorian Agents Association for Industrial Property Matters", an association that has been led by three of his successors:  César Guerrero Villagómez (1983 - 1990), María Esthela Guerrero (1996 - 1997) y Johana Aguirre Guerrero (2012 -2016). 

Legal field milestones

In 96 years of existence the Law Firm has been pioneers in Intellectual Property and has served more than 8,000 clients and partners in more than 140 countries, obtaining favorable results in approximately 75% of cases committed.

Among the most emblematic process is the trial COCA-COLA vs DOUBLE COLA between The Coca-Cola Company and our client Seminole Flavor Company, litigation that after 15 years was solved satisfactorily for Seminole Flavor Company in the third and final resolution of Supreme Court, granting trademark registration DOUBLE COLA.

Strategies and Leadership

In 2002 the "E-intellectual" software was created, which is constantly updated and has the following modules:  the most comprehensive database of products and services trademarks in the country; integrated platform of professional services; monitoring of applied and registered trademarks; processing of processes and status of trials; opposable background; and previous search for distinctive sign application.

Products and Services 

  • We are able to meet any requirement related to intellectual property and to propose alternatives that adapts to the needs and interests of clients and fulfill their short-term prospects in the context of a dynamic and demanding market.
  • Provide advice for the development and implementation of advertising campaigns in accordance with the specific legislation without falling into cases of misleading advertising, unproved comparative and other sanctioned cases.
  • Maintains close relations with international partners to offer their services and representation outside Ecuador.