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The Support Program for Entrepreneurs "To your effort put trademark" is an initiative of Ecuadorian Law Firm Julio C. Guerrero B., whose purpose is to facilitate the protection of intellectual property in the ventures.
In order to facilitate ventures intellectual protection the Entrepreneur Support Program "To your effort put trademark" was born, as an initiative of the Ecuadorian Firm Julio C. Guerrero B., specialized in Intellectual Property services, whose mission is to protect intellectual rights of natural and legal persons. Pioneers since 1919 have served more than 8.000 clients and associates in 140 countries around the world.
The program consists in providing to our country entrepreneurs with all benefits and experience that the Law Firm offers to its clients at national and international level, with a differentiated rate.
Entrepreneurs can contact the firm for trademark registration, receive advice on the type of intellectual property in which it corresponds to register, as well as benefit from academic events that are carried out in order to expand the information that companies should have in their beginnings so that their trademarks or products are protected

• Trademark Registration
  • Search
  • Trademark Application
  • Following
  • Procedure for registration certificate issue
  • Trademark surveillance since trademark was granted in Ecuador and the Andean Community for 10 years
  • Opposition and renewal notices

• Sanitary registration
• Utility Models

• Patents
  • Advice
  • Process

• Academic Events
Without charges for entrepreneurs

• Legal advice
Without costs for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can obtain more information on how to access the Program and the benefits they have.

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