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Domains Names

Domain name constitutes a set of signs - usually letters and numbers of easy people memorization that allows people of locate the IP addresses of computers on the network. They let people to get information about other people, companies, institutions and even products, Due to the increasing use of Internet. Domain names significance is big and may become distinctive signs economically important for companies.

For domain names registration it is necessary to investigate if the chosen name is available; to determine the owner of the domain name, address, city, country and other particulars; to define an administrative contact and one for invoicing, with complete data.  Our firm can become the administrative contact. The person who will be the technical contact should also be determinated, and he will be also in charge of answering inquiries about DNS and IP addresses; generally this person will be the one who handles the software of the company. Finally, specific technical information on the primary and secondary name server and IP address is required.

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