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Nov 21, 2017

That there are different trademark types is not new. The Andean Community legislation -applicable in Ecuador- allows the registration of a wide range of signs. The new Ecuadorian local law, the Social Economy of Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation Organic Code, listed other distinctive means equally protectable.

 Every day we file applications word, mixed and figurative trademark applications, including three-dimensional ones. Sound trademarks are less frequent, which we have also registered in several cases. There are also olfactory trademarks.

 A special type of signs are those perceptible by touch sense, in this order there are trademarks relative to the texture of a surface, which may be a packaging product. However, in Ecuador the registration of a TACTILE TRADEMARK constituted by the succession of letters written in language or reading system BRAILLE very useful for blind people had not been requested. Thanks to the trust of an important American company, Wonder Power Music, our law firm requested the first trademark registration of this type and we are happy to share it in this note.

The current Law now allows us to request trademarks registration formed of animations, gestures or movement sequence, as well as holograms, which were previously not contemplated. Regarding this type of signs, the secondary norms necessary to operationalize their application have not been issued yet. Although the procedure will be the same as it currently exists, only details are necessary that allow, for example, determining in the application the sequence of images or their description, so that the protection is correctly delimited.


We continue advancing with firm steps regarding the new challenges that this millennium holds.