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This year, weekly applications for Google to unsubscribe sites in its search engine amount to 19 million.

Google's popularity is due not only to the speed of its search engine but also to the confidence of the users in their selection of web pages.  To be on the top of organic searches (SEO) of Google, the basic rules must be respected as is to not infringe contents of copyright.

"The Normal One", the nickname of German coach Jurgen Klopp, was requested by Liverpool FC to be registered as trademark.
Liverpool FC applied for registration as a Community trademark of "The Normal One" ("Normal"), the nickname that his coach Jurgen Klopp won since his arrival to the Premier League.

Klopp recognized for its work in leading the Borussia Dortmund and for his outgoing, strong and direct personality, made famous the nickname when he just get off in Liverpool in October.

During a press conference he was asked about how he would be defined himself in contrast to his colleague Jose Mourinho, Chelsea coach, that some time ago was auto proclaimed "The Special One" ("The Special"). Klopp said: "I'm a completely regular guy. I'm the normal."

Just ten days after that episode, Liverpool applied for trademark registration and began to market products with this sentence.


As WIPO considered The British pop star covered many areas.  His influence is also noted in Intellectual Property.  

The death of the legendary David Bowie recalled the enormous influence that the British had globally in musical, aesthetic and cultural level, but also reminded his importance for Intellectual Property.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) highlighted in a newspaper report the "pioneer" character of Bowie in this field, mainly through the now almost essential "Bowie Bonds" ("Bowie bonds") that he invented.

The innovative tool was created in 1997 to give artists more incomes through their own creations. That year Bowie sold $ 55 million in the denominated "Bowie bonds" which were titles for ten years with a yield of 7.9%, supported by 25 albums of the musician. The bonds allowed the artists to monetize their work immediately, providing advanced liquidity for investments which diversify their portfolios or make other important purchases.

"It was a creative and avant-garde use of copyright system, although it is not available to all creators, because many of them are not the holders of all necessary rights of their creations, which makes difficult the securitization of future royalties, or because the creators do not have access to the market for other reasons, "said Michele Woods, Director of Copyright Division of WIPO. "For this reason, WIPO carries out a hard work to help creators worldwide to multiply their profits in different ways."




On November 9, 2015 the election process of the Principal and Alternate Delegates of ASIPI Ecuador 2015 for period 2015-2018 was performed.

Dr. JOHANA AGUIRRE obtained the highest number of votes and was elected as National Delegate. We wish the best of success to our Legal Department Director in her new role and we are sure that she will carry out excellent work that will place on top the name of our Law Firm and Ecuador.